Which Voice Are You Listening To?

Which Voice Are You Listening To?

One of the questions I get a lot is ‘How do I know the difference between the voice of intuition and the other voices?’

Your intuition is the voice coming from your true Self, from spirit. One of my mentors, Bob Proctor says that “prayer is us talking to God and intuition is God talking to us”.  I love that.

Because spirit and therefore our intuition, is not influenced by your current or past conditions and circumstances, the guidance it is offering may seem illogical. Most of us are conditioned to think that following logic is the correct path so when the voice of dissuasion starts chattering we will often pay more attention to it instead of our intuitive voice.

The voice of dissuasion can come from within (your paradigms) or from other people. Whether it is the paradigm or other people, it/they believe their advice is what is best for you. But bear in mind that these well-meaning people can only operate from their own paradigm and that all paradigms, yours and theirs, are created by past and current circumstances and from beliefs that might be limiting. Spirit understands that there are no limits.

The voice of intuition may start off quiet yet it can become loud. It nudges, again and again. It is not judgmental. It does not explain why its message is the correct way. It does not provide details about ‘how’ to do what it is urging. It is never frantic. Following your intuition may require you take steps into the unknown. It will often be the voice that the ‘other’ voices are railing against.

By paying attention to your intuition and becoming more and more familiar with it, you are able to recognize it and follow its guidance more easily.  A well-developed intuition is heard, loud and clear above the cacophony of the other voices that have you hemming and hawing. 

It is a great feeling when you recognize the still small voice and can follow it without hesitation. Your decision making process becomes very efficient.

To your divine intuition!

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