What Script Are You Rehearsing?

What Script Are You Rehearsing?

Do you ever wonder why your circumstances have not changed much? You might want to pay close attention to the movies you are playing in your mind….over and over again. What thought patterns are you repeating? What images are you envisioning on a regular basis? What script do you keep rehearsing?

We never stop having thoughts. Since thoughts create feelings, which drive our actions, which lead to our results, the thoughts that we have are like a script that we are rehearsing.  It makes sense then, that if we keep rehearsing the same script, the movie will not change.

When we rehearse the same script long enough, it becomes a belief. What we believe determines what ideas we are open to and what opportunities we become aware of….or not.

If you were in a movie theatre and you did not like the movie (your results), you would not go to the screen to make a change…you would go to the projector room and change the film, correct? And so it is with your life, if you want different results you must rehearse the script and play, in your mind, the images of the results and the life you desire. This is where your vision comes in. What is the vision of the life you would love living? What is the outcome that you desire of an upcoming meeting you have on your calendar? What is the picture of your body and health that you want? What is the balance in the checking account that you dream of? Can you see your boss giving you that raise or the proud smile of your child showing you his/her report card? Can you smell the leather on the new car seats?

You get the picture. By consistently rehearsing that which we desire we become aligned with it. We activate the Law of Attraction for the desired result. As we spend more and more time in the movie of our desires we become more open to ideas and opportunities that move us more rapidly toward those desired outcomes. We become more empowered to continue to take the actions needed to accomplish our goals.

Here is to a great movie!

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