What is Your Blessing in Disguise?

What is Your Blessing in Disguise?

What is your blessing in disguise?

I have a pain in my foot that presents as a sharp stab every step. It is difficult, no, seemingly impossible to ignore. It has been painful enough that I think twice before standing and walking.

This may sound crazy at first but this pain in the foot has been a blessing in disguise. What an opportunity to strengthen my WILL and deepen my GRATITUDE!

Do I mean that I will grit my teeth and press on regardless of the pain? Certainly not!

Do I mean I will embrace the pain and be happy it is there so I can learn from it? Absolutely not!

Gritting my teeth and pressing on would be using my WILL POWER to push through the pain attempting to ignore something my body is trying to tell me.WILL POWER involves FORCE. I can do it but only for so long…the pain will get the better of me.

WILL, on the other hand, is the ability to stay focused on what one desires to the exclusion of what one does not desire. I have many body parts that feel terrific and lots of good health that I enjoy and that allow me to do many, many things.  What we focus on expands….that is law. By using my WILL to keep my focus on my good health and what I can do, by seeing myself doing all the things that I love to do with two healthy, happy, strong and limber feet, I don’t deny the pain but I do bring more health and physical ability into my life.  This allows me to deal with pain, discover its source and treat it as needed without giving it the power to expand and consume me.

Embracing the pain and being happy it is there would not only be silly but it would potentially fuel the source creating more undesirable issues to deal with.  Yet I have a choice: I can begrudge the pain or I can maintain a state of gratitude. GRATITUDE is not about being grateful for something you don’t want…it is about being grateful for the good that you do have even when circumstances are not what you would prefer. It is about finding the best in an experience. By being grateful even though I have this pain, I am in alignment with the good that I do have and when in alignment I bring more good into my life.

We all have blessings in disguise. It might be a snarky comment giving us the opportunity to forgive. It might be a fender bender giving us the opportunity to be grateful that it was only a fender bender. It might be that we have been fired from a job, giving us an opportunity for a better one. It might be circumstances we don’t prefer giving us an opportunity to strengthen our will to focus on what we do desire.

Right now, jot down 5 things in your life that are blessings in disguise. Make a note of the opportunity each one offers in expanding your virtues and applying your BraveThinking tools.

To blessings in in disguise,

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