Money Coaching Testimonial

Money Coaching Testimonial

Coaching with Ilana Jankowitz, Certified Money Coach(CMC)®

How were you feeling before our coaching sessions?

Cathy “I was excited because I have never been coached by anyone, at the same time, I was very curious what it is like to be in a coaching session, especially how Money Coaching can successfully achieve my dreams.”

How did you feel afterwards?

Cathy “I like refreshing the good memories of my past through the Exercises given to me. Being demographically distant from my family for more than 20 years, it was great to remember the happy moments I have had with my family. It may have been difficult to remember the early years of my life, but the impact it has made in my journey was so significant.

Having the feedback sessions were very valuable to articulate what was embedded in my subconscious mind. Now I can move forward to make my dreams come true (you have made concrete action plan on how I can network) and I am making a big effort on how to improve my relationship with my siblings and mom. You instructed me on how to simply say, “I love you” to my son as my daily routine that might help me re-build my relationship with my family.”

What were you struggling with before our coaching together?

Cathy “The only thing I struggled with is retrieving my childhood memories with money.”

Who would you recommend coaching with me and why?

Cathy “I would highly recommend many of my friends, especially those who are monetary challenged. You have given me positive outlook and encouragement. It’s a matter of taking action and making it happen now. The business may not be running yet, however, there is a feeling of assurance and confidence in me at the moment. I am driven and feel very positive about my vision.”

What are you most excited about as a result of working with me?  How did it help you?

Cathy “The small steps in achieving my goals became more concrete. The leads you have given me were valuable. Discussing what dreams are more feasible has made my dreams more real than too idealistic (working towards personalizing or service) . “

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