You Might be Sabotaging Your Success

You Might be Sabotaging Your Success

As I am working with clients and they begin to break through limiting paradigms and step in to greater success, it is not uncommon for them to back slide.

If this is familiar to you, in any area of your life (relationships, career, health/fitness, financial), then you might be self-sabotaging.  It may be that you are impressively successful in your career but your love life is a challenge. You may be a super athlete yet you are just not getting ahead in your career. Possibly your relationships and career are rewarding yet there is ‘always something’ with your health.

Our self-image and paradigms dictate the level of success or good we will allow in our lives. Our self-image and limiting paradigms are just like thermostats: when the temperature varies, up or down, the thermostatic setting turns on the HVAC unit to raise or lower the temperature to return to the ‘set-point’.

If when you begin to expand your awareness of who you truly are; as you break through your limiting paradigms and begin to experience greater levels of success and better results you find yourself right back where you started, you might be self-sabotaging.

Often we are not even aware that we are doing it. It may seem bit crazy but self-sabotaging is actually a protective mechanism. Your nervous system is very comfortable with the level of success you have had up until now. As you reach greater levels of success or get better results, your nervous system is uncomfortable, so the paradigm, in an effort to keep you in your comfort zone, guides you to self-sabotaging actions and behavior. In other words, you dial your success back down to your ‘set-point’.

The great news is that as it is with a thermostat, we can change our ‘set-points’. Interrupting the self-sabotaging pattern is one of the keys to changing the ‘set-points’ of how much success and good (joy, love, money, health, peace, harmony etc.) that we will allow in our lives.

We begin by noticing when we seem to mess things up…when we ‘throw a wrench in the engine’. Notice the pattern. Pay attention to what is happening leading up to these repeated events. Once you recognize what is happening before you even pick up the wrench, you can see it coming and intentionally change your behavior and actions.

As you practice this, your new levels of success become your new normaland what at first seems uncomfortable becomes comfortable. Over time you are able to really shift the ‘set-points’ and reach and maintain your success and the limitless good you desire and deserve.

To Your New Normal!

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