How Often Do You Visualize?

How Often Do You Visualize?

How often do you visualize?

Saturday past I had the honor and great pleasure of hosting a Vision Board Workshop.  Before we began creating our Vision Boards, I spoke of the power of our thoughts and the foundational role a well-crafted written vision plays in creating the life we desire and in manifesting our goals and dreams.

One attendee asked how often I review my vision. I believe my answer was “daily” and I went on to clarify that I too am human and life gets in the way at times. I was reflecting on that today. Lately, life has been getting in the way a lot and, as it always does, when I get off track with my daily practice, “Murphy’s Law” kicks in.

“Murphy’s Law”, as I refer to it here can be small things like the day just not going smoothly, or it can be big things like an accident or illness, or one seemingly minor thing after another that keeps piling up to the point where you can’t seem to keep your ‘nose above water’.

If you have days, weeks, months or a life like that here is something to consider: You (every one of us) are always visualizing. ALWAYS! You are constantly having thoughts, those thoughts bring up images and those images create emotions which determine how you feel. Of all the ideas and opportunities available your thoughts determine which you will entertain. They determine what actions you take thus producing the results you are experiencing. Without a vision of what you do want you will have thoughts of what you are already getting. You will keep getting more of whatever you are imaging.

The great news is that you have the power to choose what thoughts you think and entertain. A life-giving vision and frequent review of that vision is fundamental to your ability to have and hold the thoughts and images that keep you moving in the direction of your dream. As you do this, “Murphy’s Law” takes a back-seat to all of the laws of abundance. You will feel more happiness and ease, and a sense of well-being and fulfillment. These feelings beget more of the same.

Right now, pull out your calendar and schedule time daily to review your vision. This week, find some images online or in magazines that support your vision and post them where you will see them frequently.

To alive making images,

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