How Do You See Yourself?

How Do You See Yourself?

In his 1960 groundbreaking book, Psycho Cybernetics, Dr. Maxwell Maltzinformed the world that we can never out-perform our self-image.

Although initially that may seem like bad news, Dr. Maltz went on to explain that although we will not out-perform out self-image, we absolutely can change our self-image.

Your self-image and the ideas, beliefs and habits that come along with it are like a thermostat. It was set when you were a child and the setting has been reinforced by experiences since that time.  Our self-image is not the fault of anyone but rather a result of what you saw, heard, felt and experienced before you had the ability to reject ideas that were not true. That information was imprinted.

Like a thermostat, our self-image is a cybernetic system; when there is deviation from the setting (hotter/colder, more success/less success), the system will self-correct. Re-setting our ‘thermostat ‘is not a new idea and today, success in doing so is scientifically proven.

The process is simple yet not always easy. It requires the time-spaced repetition of new ideas, beliefs and habits. One thing to be aware of is that upgrading your self-image is next to impossible without support, because the old habits, ideas and beliefs have a very strong gravitational-like pull whose job it is to hold the status quo in place.

There are some practices that support change and when applied rigorously, will re-set your self-image thermostat.

This week, experiment with these practices:

  • Each night, make a list of what you accomplished that day.
  • Press the pause button on thoughts of what you should have done or did not get done.
  • Do at least one thing every day that is a bit scary and celebrate you taking the action.
  • Create a vision of the person who is being, doing and living the life you would love; what attributes in them do you want to emulate?
  • Each morning, make a ‘To Be’ list of personal attributes you want to develop; practice being that person that day.

Celebrating you!

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Your Partner in Believing

PS What is one ‘win’ you are proud of today?  Share it with our Facebook community. Let me know if you could use some support resisting the gravitational pull.

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