Feeling Disappointed with Your Progress?

Feeling Disappointed with Your Progress?

I began studying personal transformation when I was 19. The results I was getting in life were so unsatisfying that something had to change. Over the years there were many times that I became so disappointed in my personal progress that even though I believed the stuff I was studying worked, I questioned whether it could work for me.  Somehow I believed that my baggage was way too heavy to leave behind and that I was one of the people that it did not work for!  Do you ever feel like that?

I have some great news. ”This stuff” works for everyone. Think about it. There aren’t some houses that can be wired for electricity and some that can’t. It took me a while to understand this.  I remember how excited (and relieved) I was to know that I could truly change my results and absolutely live a life I love.

What I discovered for myself was that, using electricity as an analogy, the electricity is always there, but if the wiring is not correct, you can’t get connected. I had some of the components (of transformation) in place but I was not completing the circuit much of the time and when disappointment over my progress showed up I would go into a ‘this doesn’t work for me’ mode and sure enough I would once begin getting the same old results. It is a perfect system; it works 100% of the time. It works in our favor or against us, we can make slow progress or rapid progress depending on our application of the tools of transformation.   Maybe I am a slower learner but I finally got it and my life began to unfold in a much more desirable way.

If you are feeling disappointed in your results or progress toward your dream, here are a few things to contemplate:

  • Are you so in love with your vision that you will not quit until you are living it?
  • Is your vision ‘out there’ in ‘someday’ land…a wish or hope, a fantasy that you don’t really believe can be yours?
  • Or are you living from your vision? Spending time imagining it already happening.
  • How often are you interacting with your vision?
  • When you find yourself disappointed do you stay there or are you able to realize that this is what it looks like as it is all coming together? Life happens. There is opportunity for personal expansion is ALL of life’s events.
  • Are you ‘stacking your wins’ or ‘shoulding’ on yourself?
  • Are you able to love and accept yourself for where you are now?
  • Are you keeping a Gratitude Journal?
  • Are you in a structure of support that is able to guide and mentor you when life happens so that you can stay on track?

We are creating all the time, we can’t not create. What we create is in our power. Observe your outer results, if they are not what you desire, it might be time to take a close look to see where there are disconnects in the circuitry.

Celebrating right where you are!

PS. Let me know if I can support you and let others know what helps you stay in alignment by sharing on Facebook.

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