Business Coaching

Business Coaching

If you need another perspective in your business to help you unlock your full potential and assist you where you need it most. I can help.

Let Us Help You Overcome Your Obstacles To Success! 

Our Business Archetype business coaching process is a powerful new way to help you to achieve greater success quickly. By identifying the underlying core archetypes that are showing within your business activities, you can quickly spot the inherent strengths and weaknesses of your business. Unlike traditional business consulting or other purely analytical business practices, we engage clients at a behavioral level by quickly discovering where you are willing and able to make important changes. Instead of simply giving advice, we provide you with a pathway for advancement and success.

Why Archetypes Are So Powerful in Business Coaching

Archetypes are personality aspects that exert ongoing influences on your behaviors and decisions. All business activities can be evaluated using ten core archetypes, each with distinctly different patterns, tendencies and motivations. Most people have both positive and negative responses to business challenges and opportunities that they face. As you understand why and how your archetypes are expressing, you can use this information to move beyond blocks or limitations and experience greater awareness and freedom. You can make changes and improvements in your business in ways you’ve never considered or even thought possible, which can substantially increase the success and profitability of your business.

Work with us…you’ll grow and learn to:

  • Rapidly identify the Business Archetypes that are influencing your business practices
  • Effectively evaluate the performance and success of all aspects of your businesses
  • Become aware of hidden blocks and behaviors that may be holding you back
  • Discover patterns and trends that can identify new or overlooked opportunities for success
  • Identify and correct missing and incomplete aspects of your business dynamics

Take The Business Self-Assessment to:

  • Better Understand Your Businesses Performance
  • Discover Inefficiencies That Can Transform Your Business
  • Understand How Prepared You Truly Are
  • Identify Touch Points That Can Generate The Most Return On Effort

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About Me

Andre JankowitzAndre Jankowitz has an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at the University of Cape Town, South Africa and is currently finalizing his PhD in Finance through the Swiss Management Center in Vervey where he learned about Business Support system.

I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, once acclaimed by Sir Francis Drake to be the fairest Cape in the World. After completing my schooling I studied part-time through the University of South Africa during which time I also married my childhood sweetheart and have been married for 23 years. We have two beautiful children, my daughter Abigail, is 20 and my son Joshua is 19.  After completing my undergraduate studies at the UNISA, I went on to earn my Masters degree in Business Administration at the Graduate School of Business and am currently completing my PhD in Finance through a Swiss University.

Having run my own businesses for many years I decided to say farewell to private entrepreneurship and join the corporate world to discover what life in a fortune 500 company is all about. So in August 2009 we said goodbye to Cape Town and moved to Zurich, where we now live and love it. After a short stint at a boutique Private Bank I subsequently joined HP as the EMEA Sales Operations Manager and shortly thereafter I assumed responsibility for HP Software’s global Business Initiatives.

I’m passionate about strategy and am always up for a good game of chess. My favourite book is by Miyamoto Musashi, the author of the classical text on strategy entitled “The book of five Rings”. When outdoors, unfortunately not very often, I enjoy beach volleyball, snowboarding and mountain biking, but when I have a choice, I tend to opt for a good whiskey and cigar.




“Enormous drive and a self-starter. Loads of initiative... Lateral thinker and master of efficiency and process...Andre is honest and has enormous integrity"

Andre Joubert
(MD Maestro Financial)


“Willing to pioneer ideas and projects...Capable of identifying and accessing entrepreneurial opportunities...Dedicated to continuous process improvement”

Dr Alan Louis
(CEO - House of Louis)


“Visionary with creative ideas, a true rain maker...Will always present the true facts even under difficult circumstances”

Dr Michael Louis
(Entrepreneur: Louis Group)


“Excellent interpersonal Skills...I believe that his credential are impeccable"

Allen Ambor
(Executive Chairman at Spur Group)


“Really excellent progress well done”

Keith Melbourne
(Head of Sales at Vodafone Cloud & Hosting)


“Demonstrated consistent leadership and creative skills”

Don Tooth
(Managing Director at Anglo American Farms)


“The artificial intelligence clubbed with continuous progress tracking makes this a really valuable tool.”

Anup Payyakkil
(Manager, Product Setup & Supply Chain, HP)


“One of the few people I know that can really think ‘out of the box’...Unquestionable integrity and someone I’m proud to call my friend”

Chris Pay
(Managing Director at Krycorp Security Ltd)


“…beyond impressive”

Aileen Allkins
(Corporate VP- Customer Service, Microsoft)


“Beautiful, amazing, fantastic. This is great. To say I’m happy with it, is a far understatement"

Andreas Greiner
(Director, EMEA Sales at VMware)


“Not only did he gain my respect, but I now consider him a mentor and coach”

Yvonne Tobien
(Experienced Sales Executive)


“Tenacity to preserver under extreme conditions”

Patrick Wild
(Founding Partner Lischana Consulting)

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Send me an email and let's start the conversation!