Are You Afraid to Follow Your Dream?

Are You Afraid to Follow Your Dream?

I speak to potential clients all the time who come to the conversation because they have a ‘rattle’ inside; a desire for something greater or different in their lives. This is their life force seeking a freer, fuller, more expansive life. It is the yearning of our spirit to express its unique gift. This is natural.

What comes up in some of these conversations and at times with clients once they begin to take action toward their dream, is fear that their life will change. The fear is not just about the change to their life but also how these changes will impact the lives of those that they love.

You bet your life is going to change and it will begin to change the minute you start taking action in service of your dream. And yes, it will impact the lives of everyone in your life. But think of it this way, your dream is of a more fulfilling, more abundant life, isn’t it? That is what the ‘rattle’ is expressing desire for…a richer, more satisfying, more alive life. The changes to your life and to the lives of others will, just like the vision, bring the qualities of an enriched life.

The part of you that is comfortable right where you are wants you to believe that your life might unravel if you go for your dream however, understand this, it makes no sense that the life force that breathed you into your human existence would escort you to ruin. It guided you to imagine your dream.  It is that life force that will support you along the journey of becoming the person who lives that dream.

Your dreams hold within them the way for you to deliver your unique gift to the world. When you are showing up as your most authentic self, extraordinary things happen. Your life force supports your evolution and your success.

When you feel the fear of change, stop and take time to imagine the positive and powerful changes to your life and the lives of those whom you love that are a result of you succeeding in living the life you desire. You must trust that, as it is in your dream, what is good for you is good for others.

Share some ways that your dream is changing your life for the better on my Facebook page. Are you thinking of someone that would be served by this message?

Pass it on!

Here’s to positive and empowering change,

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